Group Guitar Lessons

Learning to play guitar is fun, but for total beginners it can be daunting and feel like hard work. While personal lessons give students one on one attention and allow them to develop their skills quickly, some kids may feel more relaxed and make better progress in a class environment with other children. Rock Scholars is now offering beginner classes for young guitarists aged between 8 - 12.

Based on the modern guitar teaching method developed by Michael Jelinek, our group lessons will take students on a step by step journey using popular rock and pop songs to teach the basics.

Our classes are limited to groups of no more than 8 students which means there's plenty of time for everyone to get personal attention while enjoying learning in a classroom environment.

Rock Scholars offers more than just guitar lessons, it is a thriving community of young musicians and home to some of Perth's most promising talent. From The Garage to Greatness, your journey starts here !


Group lessons begin Thursday 17th March
$30 per week (one hour lesson)
We can lend you a guitar for the lesson, but students will need their own guitar to practise at home

Booking lessons

Rock Scholars operates six days a week from Monday to Saturday.

  • Monday to Friday 3pm - 9pm
  • Saturday             10am - 4pm

Please contact us, or complete the lesson booking form below to confirm availability.

0437 806 109

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