At Rock Scholars we believe that music is a vital part of young people’s development and we can get you started or help you to get better at piano. Our piano lessons and keyboard lessons are suitable for total beginners, and those who can already play but would like to improve.

Contact us today at, by calling 0437 806 109, or complete the enquiry form below and one of our team will call you back today.

Piano is the first musical instrument that many people learn and kids as young as 6 can get started at Rock Scholars. Our main aim is to ensure that our students enjoy their lessons and learn practical playing skills as quickly as possible. We know that kids like to play, not practice – that’s why our piano lessons for kids focus on pop and rock songs that kids and teenagers will be familiar with and will enjoy learning how to play.

We teach during normal school term time and we prefer our students to sign up for a ten week term, although you are invited to book a single lesson if you’d like to come in and learn more about how we teach.

Piano lessons

Our one on one piano lessons are conducted in private teaching rooms at our fully equipped studios in Osborne Park where the student and teacher can work together in a safe and informal environment. We take music and teaching seriously but we want our lessons to be fun so that our students want to come back every lesson – we know that for lots of our students their time at Rock Scholars is their favourite part of the week.

We focus on practical performance, not theory, and our aim is to develop our students' playing skills as quickly as possible. We’ll teach you to play first, the theory can come later. Our piano lessons are 30 minutes long, you will learn a new song each week and we’ll give you notes and music to take away and practice at home.

Keyboard lessons

A lot of contemporary music uses keyboards rather than pianos, and young students may think keyboard lessons are more their thing. The basic techniques and musical structures are the same as the piano but the keyboard opens up a whole new world of sounds and musical possibilities. Playing keyboards, rather than piano, allow you to think about music and your role in the band differently and of course there is equipment that you need to learn how to use

Our music teachers are all actively involved in the Perth music scene and performing live on a regular basis. They are all experienced keyboard players and can help you to find your way around a modern keyboard.

Rock Scholars offers more than just piano lessons, it is a thriving community of young musicians and home to some of Perth's most promising bands. From The Garage to Greatness, the journey starts here!

Piano lessons cost $35 per half hour session.

We would love to hear from you to talk about how we can help you with your singing. Contact us today by completing our enquiry form, emailing us at, or better still call to speak to our friendly staff on 0437 806 109.

Rock Scholars operates six days a week from Monday to Saturday.

  • Monday to Friday 3pm - 9pm

  • Saturday 10am - 4pm