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music lessons

At Rock Scholars we will help you to start or become better at playing guitar, drums or bass guitar. Our fun and easy one on one method of teaching uses a variety of modern rock based songs to guide each student through the learning process and offers fast and satisfying results to ensure you get the most out of each lesson.

All of our one on one lessons are taught on acoustic or electric instruments and we can lend you guitar or drums

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We teach, guide and mentor music students....

Established in 2008, Rock Scholars is Perth’s leading independent contemporary music teaching and learning community.  A thriving hub of young musicians and experienced tutors, we specialise in mentoring young rock bands, honing their song writing skills, preparing them for gigs and teaching a range of instruments.

At Rock Scholars we foster an awareness and connection with the local music scene and put on regular gigs at some of Perth's leading venues including our own warehouse venue, The Garage.

We are proud to be working with local promoters, musicians and other Perth music industry personnel to provide the most authentic experience possible for our students.

To join a band today or find out more about how Rock Scholars can help you on your musical journey, contact us on 0437 806 109 or email info@rockscholars.com.au


band program

We believe our Band Program is what sets us apart from other music teaching programs - it fast tracks young musicians from school to stage in just ten short weeks.
The Band Program requires children to have a basic level of proficiency with their instrument but is open to all students age 10 and up with any level of experience.  Our bands work with dedicated mentors all of whom are experienced, enthusiastic and actively involved with bands of their own in the Perth music scene.

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