At Rock Scholars we believe that the only way to teach music is with a hands on approach so our entire school is dedicated to getting kids and teenagers playing music and into bands as quickly as possible.

The Rock Scholars band program guarantees to have you performing on stage with your own band in just one 10-week term.

Band Program

Our band program is designed for young musicians who can already play an instrument and want to take their musical development to the next stage. If you can sing or have a basic proficiency in guitar, drums or keyboards we will find a place in a band for you. This is how the rock music program works.

After an informal audition we place students in a band with other players of a similar age group and level of ability, and assign a mentor to the band. We try to ensure that band members have shared musical tastes and objectives but here’s the great thing – in the Rock Scholars rock band program we don’t tell you what to play, we let our bands and musicians decide for themselves. And here’s another way our bands differ from other music schools – each band is made up of only 4 or 5 members so that everybody has a critical role to play in each song – there is no sharing of parts across multiple kids playing the same instrument. Each band enjoys a weekly two hour rehearsal with their mentor at our fully equipped studios in Osborne Park, and at the end of term everyone in the band program will perform in one of our seasonal gigs.

Our mentors are all real working musicians active in the Perth music scene, and as such are able to relate to the students in a very direct way, offering valuable advice and guidance in all aspects of musicianship and performance. Our band program also encourages kids to write their own songs and music – our mentors love helping the bands with songwriting and our music programs for kids actually produce a lot of original new music. The shows we stage at the end of each term are not just recitals for family and friends but real gigs at real venues, with professional sound and lighting.  Recent gigs have been held at The Garage, Mojos, Clancys Fish pub, and the Rosemount Hotel's 459 room.

The program as outlined above has been tested and refined over the years and has proven to foster students who are not only fine musicians but also learn the values of commitment and hard work which will be invaluable in everything they do in their lives.

Music programs for kids

We focus on rock, pop, punk and other contemporary music styles that appeal to young musicians and our band music programs for kids are suitable for ages 10 to 18.

Singing or playing a musical instrument and not being in a band is like shooting hoops in the driveway but never playing a game of basketball – it lacks purpose. When kids join Rock Scholars they get more engaged with their music, they practice more and they develop faster. But more importantly they have fun, they learn about teamwork, accountability and trust, and they make friends that can last for life. This is why we take great care in ensuring that we put people together who are not only compatible musically but will also click socially and form bonds that go beyond music.

When we meet a new student, if we don’t have a suitable place in our band program at the time of enrolment, we place students on a waiting list and do our best to place them in a suitable band as quickly as possible.

After school music programs

The Rock Scholars band program runs all year round and is aligned with the school term. Because most of our band members are still in full time study, our activities take place after school or at weekends. Bands typically rehearse between 4pm and 9pm on a weekday, or during the day on Saturday, depending on the availability and preference of the families of the band members as well as Rock Scholars from a rehearsal room perspective.

Our gigs are normally scheduled to take place in the last week of the regular school term to ensure everybody gets to participate before they go off on their family holidays.


Band Program costs $600 (inclusive of GST) per term.

Enrol today without obligation to join the band program this term.