Our 16 yo son joined the band program at the beginning of term 2 2018. He had been to the garage many times to watch the band’s play and now he is one them. He is really loving being in the band and performing with and for his friends. Karen, Sam and the mentors are helping the kids reach their full potential in a friendly and safe environment. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or not but his grades have improved this term too.
— Debbie Webb
What an awesome group of musicians. My son has gone from being not engaged in learning and practice, to much more regular practice and being connected into a great little group of musicians. I love that Band Mentors and the team at Rock Scholars work with families to accommodate timing on gigs as well as look after you when you can’t make a lesson. I definitely recommend Rock Scholars as a proactive, engaging and very positive community for kids and young adults looking to explore their love of rock music.
— Yvette Guy-Sholdas
I recently enrolled my eldest son into Rock Scholars as part of their band mentoring program. He has loved every minute of it and was truly thrilled with the opportunity to perform at a live venue after a term of rehearsals with his band. As parents, myself and my husband were blown away by the standard at which they were able to perform, credit to the band’s mentor and the fantastic leadership driven by owners Karen and Sam. The investment has been well worth it for our boy who hangs out each week to go to the studio to rehearse and work towards their performance at the end of term. We have seen him grow from both a social perspective and skill wise on the drums.

Being so happy for our eldest boy d his experience with Rock Scholars, we recently engaged a piano tutour at Rock Scholars to teach our youngest boy piano, he having had no piano lessons or experience prior. Being quite a reserved and introverted child, we were unsure as to how he would find the experience. But after his first lesson at Rock Scholars, his tutour had him engaged and wanting more! He now looks forward to every lesson and his self esteem has been boosted by the positive reinforcement and the teaching method adapted to suit his needs.

Thank you Rock Scholars for providing such a cool, warm and welcoming place where our boys can come, learn and grow into their music and for the hard work that is clearly evident when you rock up to see the show!
— Giorgina Lamattina
I can say from the experience of my son and his friends that Rock Scholars provides a vibrant, safe, supportive, inclusive environment that encourages creativity and respect, and supplies young musicians and music lovers with opportunities to create and experience some amazing rock’n’roll!
— Luke Eggman-Walrus
We are so happy we found Rock Scholars for our Son. It is a great environment and a place where he can be around like minded musicians. Karen, Sam and the Mentors do so much for these young people and take them to the next level. Thanks Rock Scholars - you all Rock!
— Jacqui Criddle
Awesome place, like Hogwarts for musicians - churning out some awesome performers. The system Rock Scholars has, alongside amazing mentors is a fantastic opportunity for anyone that wants to play music.
— Simon Walters
Rock Scholars is an amazing place for budding musicians. Our son has flourished since walking in their door. Rock Scholars has created an environment that nurtures and supports young musicians and that challenges them on so many levels.
— Amanda Stevenson
Our son started with Rock Scholars this term and after 10 weeks has already performed with his band on a stage in front of a crowd. The confidence it has given Caleb is priceless. We are so impressed with the professionalism of Rock Scholars and would recommend them to any budding musicians who want that real band experience.
— Rebecca Webb
Hey Karen n Sam

Just wanted to throw out there that you guys are doing such an awesome job with Rock Scholars and all the extra events you arrange.

You create great opportunities for all the bands
— Jason Broughton

Firstly, thanks for all you do to support young bands in WA, Michael was in danger of dropping music until he started Rock Scholars and your amazing team reinvigorated his passion for music.

Since then Mike and his guitar have been inseparable!
— John and Ann Dawson
Well done to all the Rock Scholars bands that played at Four5Nine Bar in the Rosemount Hotel. All the musicians played their hearts out, sounded fantastic, had fun and entertained the large crowd of family, friends and the curious. It was packed! Karen and Sam should feel happy with their first term at the helm of the Rock Scholars family. We love Rock Scholars and what they have to offer the teenage musician.
— Gretchen
Incredible talent on show last night at the Rosemount Hotel and to think they are all under 18 blows my mind. The next generation of Perth musos is alive and well. Keep up the great work team Rockscholars.
— Megan
Fantastic show last night at the Rosemount.... ALL of you can be justifiably proud of yourselves... Well done!!
— David
I’m really happy with what we saw... and heard! All levels. Agustin more than anyone in our family enjoys music and being part of a band.
We think you have done a wonderful job with Rock Scholars and Gus is happy to continue.

Thank you once again. It’s beautiful to see so many people truly interested in something that for us, as a family is one of the best in life: music.
— Lucia
John and I were very impressed with yesterday’s gig. The high level of professionalism and organisation guaranteed it’s success. Georgia was so disappointed when they finished their set. I think she could have played all afternoon! We are so pleased we enrolled her at Rock Scholars. It has been beyond our expectations. Congrats to you and your Mentors.
— Alison and John
I just wanted to let you know that Josh has had an awesome time at Rock Scholars this term, and he’s looking forward to continuing! He loved Saturday night, and he was approached by a lady in the audience later who was a professional musician and said that he ‘rocked’ and she said that he was going to be a fab drummer, much to Josh’s delight!

Thanks again to you and Troy...great job!

Kindest regards
— Anita
I just wanted to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at scholars, and that I’ve learned heaps valuable band skills over the past year and a half that I have been able to apply in my own band projects. A lot of this is attributed to Mitch’s awesome mentorship which I’m really appreciative of, he’s an inspirational dude J
I’m really glad to have been a part of the Scholars community.
— Jack
The gig was great.
The music was great.
The performers were great.
Lots of wonderful talent there!
— Christa
Thanks for another great term. I am so happy with the way Seth is progressing and know that it is because Rock Scholars motivates him to practice. Please pass on appreciation to Seth’s mentor.
— Jenny
Thank YOU for a great year and please pass on our heartfelt thanks to Mitch for all his great support and mentoring of Ninth Indent this year. The kids love everything about Rock Scholars and it’s meant a great deal to Matt this year.

We all enjoyed the Festivus very much - well done!

— Debbie and Kevin
Thank you so much for welcoming Harry into the Band and for all your work organising the Gig. It was a great night and Harry was really pleased with himself and loves being part of the band and Rock Scholars.

See you next term !

— Jess
I just wanted to say thank you for the last few years at Rock Scholars. I have had such an amazing time being in a band and meeting so many like-minded people that share the same love for music. Thank you so much for giving me the
opportunity to be a part of your school. You and Troy have really helped me step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I would never have been able to organise gigs on my own a few years ago, so thank you for giving me a platform to start doing gigs and get experience.

At your school, I have met so many wonderful people, especially the boys in my band. I know we will remain friends for a long time and it’s been great getting to know a group of people I may not have gotten the chance to meet before. This has been one of the best things that has happened to me and I am very grateful for everything this school has done for me and others like me.
— Ellie
Well done on another successful gig. Thank you also for acknowledging Josh’s efforts this year. He was so pleased and surprised to receive an award, he has been busy playing with his new percussion toys!!!. It is very impressive to see the development of all the musicians and Josh particularly loves having the opportunity to play music he has a real appreciation for.

Thanks for all your hard work.

— Joanne
Hats off to you Em (and the RS team),

As a parent of a Rock Scholars student I’d like to say it’s hard not to be impressed. The level of hard work and commitment from you is obvious, and the boys have gained greatly from your guidance.

Thanks Em.
— John
I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts again this year.

The Bakery gig yesterday was absolutely brilliant and the program has certainly come along in leaps and bounds.

We are thrilled with Gus’s progress and most importantly he is loving it.
— Andrew
Just wow.
I’m pretty sure everyone who came to the workshop last Thursday was just amazed at the calibre of the facilitators and the workshop; the content of it as well as your’s and Troy’s relationship relationship with the kids just blew everyone away.

We really appreciate the time you have you have put aside for the back and forth emailing and months of unconfirmed details.

Everyone in Ymusic is looking forward to supporting and working with Rock Scholars in the future as we hopefully get more recognition and better networks within whatever locations we move around.

Best wishes for all your upcoming shows as well, especially the Rock and Strings show (which I still think will be soooooo cool).
— Justin Martins on behalf of Ymusic
Thank you so much for all your fantastic work with Ben this year. His passion for Rock Scholars just keeps growing and growing and he just LOVES coming to you!

See you next year!
— Louise and Craig
Thanks for yesterday we had a great time watching the bands - especially Cassandra’s. What a great job you do for the young ones. Cassandra always wanted to join a band and yesterday you made her dream come true. Once again thank you.
— Margherita
Thanks so much for delivering your teacher development session at Canning Vale yesterday. The feedback from the participants was so positive.

Thanks again!
— Nicole Whiteside - Canning Vale College Teacher Development Schools Co-ordinator - The Arts
Thanks for a great year and Festivus was excellent. We would also like you to know how happy we are with Jamo both as a band mentor and as James’ guitar teacher and he’s an all round nice guy .

Thanks again.
— Rachelle
Just a short note to say congratulations on the excellent gig you put on tonight Em and your team, from Merri & I and extended family. We enjoyed it a lot and think you and your crew put on an excellent show. I hope you were happy and satisfied with the effort everyone put in - I believe it went down really well with everyone there. You have some very talented young people under your guidance and the amount of time and effort put in by you and your team really showed. Just wanted you to know how much we all enjoyed it. I hope you’ll pass on our compliments to everyone who performed and worked so hard behind the scenes to make it such a success.
— Shann
Just a thankyou for arranging for The Delta to perform at the Fete yesterday.
Not only were the kids amazing performers but they were also very professional in their stage set up.
Their sound was the loudest of the day and managed to strip some of the paint off the Chapel Quad walls! Just what Ozzy and Led Zep would have wanted.
Fortunately there was a pretty large and appreciative crowd at the time of the show so the boys (and girl) got some reward for their efforts.

Many thanks - See you in three years!

— Trevor
Just wanted to send you a big thank you for all that Rock Scholars has meant to Tom. It has been such a turning point for him. He had wanted to be in a rock band for years but could never get the kids who wanted to be involved to all turn up at the same place and the same time. Rock Scholars was the perfect solution. Under your guidance and with that of the mentors we have seen Tom have opportunities to explore and develop his ideas in music and achieve so much. Not only has he been able to develop original material but he has learnt about the teamwork involved in creating and performing music in a band. He’s also had the opportunity to perform in interesting and exciting venues. Mike has done an exceptional job recording their music and we are thrilled that they will be able to record another track with him. Tom has learnt a great deal from Mike about this process – an area he is really interested in.

It was so exciting last night to see Turtle Island’s success and the delight on the faces of all the band members.

You are really on to something special with the Rock Scholars business and it’s because you are so special.
— Jo and Greg
Thanks so much for your email. Sean was pretty happy to see that Mitch was on bass, very exciting!
He is really looking forward to creating some “originals”.

Rock Scholars is exactly what is needed in Sean’s life at the moment and we are very thankful you have created such a great outlet for a musically consumed alien being like Sean!

Thanks Em, we look forward to the end of term gig.
— Terri