Band Program - Terms and Conditions


I understand that, upon signing this agreement, Rock Scholars considers my child to be enrolled in the Band Program and will place my child in the best possible band available for them. If a place is not available, my child will be placed on the waiting list while Rock Scholars works towards finding a suitable place for him/her.


Rock Scholars takes its band program seriously and we work hard to ensure that when we put kids together in a band they work together, play together and stay together. When a student decides to withdraw from a band it can be very disruptive for the other members while we look for a replacement, and we appreciate receiving as much notice as possible if you're thinking of leaving Rock Scholars.

I understand that my child’s enrolment will continue from one term to the next unless I inform Rock Scholars of my child’s withdrawal with reasonable notice (1). I understand that if I do not give Rock Scholars reasonable notice (1) of my child’s withdrawal then I will be required to pay a withdrawal fee equivalent to 20% of the term fees (currently $120).I understand that failure to pay the withdrawal fee may jeopardise any future enrolments at Rock Scholars.

(1) Reasonable notice is deemed to be a minimum of 10 days prior to the commencement of the WA school term. Rock Scholars must be informed by email or by telephone.   


Initial enrolment in the band program is free, but upon confirmation of my child being allocated to a band, I acknowledge that term fees are payable to Rock Scholars immediately or in any case before the term commences.

Band Program fees are $600 inclusive of GST per term. Fees include:

  • weekly 2 hour rehearsal sessions
  • all use of Rock Scholars rehearsal premises and musical equipment
  • guaranteed participation in Rock Scholars' legendary end of term showcase gig

I acknowledge that a term may consist of 9 or 10 rehearsal sessions dependent on school term dates, student availability and timing of the end of term gig.

Term fees are invoiced as a lump sum per school term and they are not pro-rated on a weekly basis. Payment options include EFT, cash and cheque. Please note that Rock Scholars has suspended its PayPal facility due to rising costs.


If two or more band members are unable to attend a rehearsal session and at least 24 hours notice is given to Rock Scholars, that rehearsal session will be re-scheduled at no additional cost. 

I understand that if my child misses a rehearsal, that rehearsal may not be rescheduled and I will not be reimbursed (see Payment of Term Fees).  Rehearsals missed due to teacher absence or public holidays will be rescheduled at no additional cost.


Rock Scholars fees are non refundable once term commences.

Refunds are not given for missed rehearsals.

(Note: If unforeseen or extenuating circumstances arise requiring withdrawal, a credit voucher may be given towards future Rock Scholars programs.)