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Music Lessons

At Rock Scholars we are passionate about music and the positive effect it has on our lives. We believe that music lessons, together with academic studies and sport, are a vital part of young people’s development. All kids and teenagers should have music in their lives and at Rock Scholars we can get you started or help you to get better at your chosen instrument.

We know that kids learn faster when they enjoy what they’re doing – that’s why our music programs are based around the type of music that they enjoy listening to and can relate to. In our music lessons there’s no Bach or Beethoven being taught, but you will hear Foo Fighters, Nirvana and AC/DC.

Rock Scholars is all about playing in bands but everybody has to start somewhere, so we also offer a full program of one on one music lessons in all contemporary instruments including singing, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.

Rock Scholars music school

At the Rock Scholars Music School we take students of all ages and abilities from 8 to 80, and we teach a variety of styles and genres.

We don’t teach our music lessons from a set program or curriculum. We don’t ask our students to sit exams or tests, and we don’t hand out grades or certificates. Our aim is to get you more engaged with music so that you develop as quickly as possible, playing music that you enjoy, and learning practical skills that will allow you to start playing your instrument, not just practicing on it. If you want to join the Rock Scholars band program, we’ll make sure that our music lessons will get you there.

Music Lessons Perth

Rock Scholars is proudly based in Perth, and all of our music lessons are taught in our comfortable fully equipped studios in Osborne Park. We believe music is important and we take it seriously, but our lessons are fun and informal. We use a song-based approach to music tuition – in each lesson we will use a well known pop or rock song to help you understand and develop a particular skill, technique or musical idea. When you go home to practice you will actually play songs, not just scales and exercises, which will make practicing more enjoyable.

Music Teachers

Our music teachers are not just tutors, they are all professional musicians playing regularly in some of Perth's most exciting young bands. Although many of them have formal musical education and qualifications, we choose them for their real world experience as working musicians. Many of them are former Rock Scholars students and they all understand the importance of the music teacher as a role model.

When you meet your music teacher for the first time you will be able to talk about the type of music you like to listen to and play, what your musical goals are, and agree a lesson plan that will allow you to learn at your own pace.