What happens in your first guitar lesson?

Getting started

At Rock Scholars we believe that one on one guitar lessons are the most effective way of learning if you are going to progress quickly from practising the guitar to playing the guitar.

Wherever you want to end up with your music, and whatever kind of guitar you have to practise on, the basics are the same and you can get going straight away – working on your picking and strumming techniques, learning the basic chords and scales, and playing your first easy songs.

We’re going to start with the basics in your first guitar lessons no matter what kind of music you want to end up playing, and you can practice these things on any kind of guitar as long as you make time.

Jimi Hendrix or Ed Sheeran?

Hendrix - BBC.jpg
Ed Sheeran.jpeg

In your first guitar lesson we’ll ask you about the kind of guitar player you want to be.

The easiest way to figure this out is to remember what made you want to play in the first place – was it playing air guitar to AC/DC’s Back In Black, listening to the latest Ed Sheeran single, or watching videos of Tash Sultana on You Tube? Maybe it was singing songs around the fire on your last family camping trip?

If you have something or someone that inspired you to pick up a guitar in the first place, share this with your guitar teacher the first time you meet them.  They will help you map out the journey to reach your guitar playing goals.

Do you want electric guitar lessons or acoustic guitar lessons?

The question people most ask in their first guitar lesson is ‘what kind of guitar do I need?’. The good news is, the answer at the beginning is ‘whatever you’ve got’. Beg, steal or borrow any guitar you can get your hands on, put a fresh set of strings on it, and you’re good to go. You can practise the basics on anything.

At Rock Scholars we offer Perth guitar lessons for players of all levels, but we love to meet beginners and get them started on the greatest adventure life can offer – music. Contact us today and find out more.