Guitar Lessons

If you’re looking for Perth guitar lessons look no further.

It’s never too late or too early to pick up the guitar and we love to teach anyone from 8 – 80 years of age. Get in touch with Rock Scholars today by completing the enquiry form below, emailing or calling us on 0437 806 109.

For many people wanting to play rock and pop music, the guitar is the only instrument of choice. The guitar is certainly very versatile, and it is a rewarding instrument to learn as you can pick up the basics very quickly. After just a few guitar lessons (and some practice of course), most students will be able to play a song or two. We offer fast and satisfying results to ensure you get the most out of each lesson and develop your skills quickly.

Our fun and easy one on one method of tuition uses a variety of rock and pop songs to guide students through the learning process and you will learn a new song in each lesson. We focus on practical performance, not theory, and our aim is to develop your playing skills as quickly as possible. All guitar lessons are taught in our comfortable fully equipped studios in Osborne Park where both electric and acoustic instruments are available to borrow.

Electric guitar lessons

There are as many different ways of playing the guitar as there are different styles of music, but if you want to be in a rock band you are probably looking for electric guitar lessons. The basics of guitar playing are the same whatever kind of guitar you choose – the chords and scales, and the techniques you need to develop will still apply – but learning how to play the electric guitar means you also need to know how to use the gear. That makes it cool, right? This is a really important part of becoming a great guitar player and developing your own unique style, and it’s why Slash sounds totally different to SRV.

In our electric guitar lessons we will not only teach you how to play songs, we’ll also show you how to set up your guitar, amplifier and effects pedals to get the right tones and sounds.

Acoustic guitar lessons

If Ed Sheeran is more your thing then you’re probably looking for acoustic guitar lessons and we’ve got you covered. Our song-based teaching method means you will go home after each lesson with something new to play which makes it fun to practice. We will help you to quickly develop your picking and strumming technique, learn your major, minor and barre chords, and develop your repertoire of songs so you can entertain your friends at your next barbeque or camping trip.

Guitar teachers

All of our guitar teachers are active members of Perth’s vibrant live music scene and play regularly with their own bands. Accomplished teachers, they are musicians first and foremost and love to share their knowledge and experience with their students. We have teachers who specialise in rock, jazz/funk and heavy metal styles but they all share one thing in common – they are passionate about music and the guitar. Get in touch with us today to discuss your musical goals and we will introduce you to one of our guitar teachers that can help you to achieve them.

Rock Scholars offers more than just guitar lessons, it is a thriving community of young musicians and home to some of Perth's most promising bands. From The Garage to Greatness, the journey starts here!

Guitar lessons cost $35 per half hour session.

Contact us today by completing our enquiry form below, emailing us at, or better still call to speak to our friendly staff on 0437 806 109.

Rock Scholars operates six days a week from Monday to Saturday.

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