Guitar lessons in Perth - what are your options?

Where can I learn?

If your school has a music program you may be able to do acoustic guitar lessons there, although these may be group classes and you may not be able to choose exactly what you learn. You also might think that you spend enough time at school already!

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You can take guitar lessons at home, by watching you tube videos or other online content. Or you can find a mobile guitar teacher who will come to your house and teach you in your front room, but learning at home isn’t always easy – if mum and dad are cooking dinner, your brother is trying to do his homework, and you’re having electric guitar lessons there can be a lot of distractions for everyone.

Luckily there are dedicated music schools like Rock Scholars that offer Perthguitar lessons where you can go and learn in a private, professional environment.

Who can teach me?

You probably have an older sister, brother or uncle that plays the guitar and maybe they can give you guitar lessons – lots of us started learning from family members. But it can be hard maintaining the discipline if you’re being taught by a sibling, and you may end up doing as much mucking about as playing the guitar.

Your school music teacher may offer guitar lessons– you should ask. The great thing about being taught at school is that the lessons may be free.

A dedicated Perth guitar teacher will give you the quickest results, and a quick Google search for ‘Guitar Lessons Perth’ will show you that there are lots around, so how do you choose one that’s right for you? Maybe someone you know is already having guitar lessons and can give you a recommendation. You’ll need to decide if you want to do electric guitar lessons or acoustic guitar lessons, what playing level you’re at, and what style of music you want to play.

So what’s best?

We believe the best teachers are the ones that are also real musicians. At Rock Scholars all of our mentors and tutors are hand picked because they are actively involved in playing in bands themselves – they know what it takes to be a musician in the real world and they will structure your guitar lessons around your personal goals and objectives to get you where you want to be as fast as possible. They will get to know you and your personal musical tastes, and teach you the things that you want to play.

If you’re looking for Perth guitar lessons please contact Rock Scholars today on 0437 806 109 or fill out our simple enquiry form here.