How singing lessons can prepare you for fronting a band

You can’t teach someone to be a great frontman or frontwoman. You’ve either got it or you ain’t, right?


Natural singing talent and self-confidence will get you so far, but there is a lot more to fronting a band than that. If you think you’ve got what it takes to reach the top, singing lessons may be all you need to realise your dreams.

Myths About Singing

  • Singing is natural.
    Singing is easy and it should feel natural … but to sing well takes practice. Singing lessons will help you to grow your knowledge about your own voice, and give you exercises to practice in order to develop your technique and make the most of your natural talent.

  • Singing lessons will give me a bigger vocal range.

    Hmmm, maybe not. Most people are born with a natural range, and this range will change throughout your life. It’s at the top and bottom of this range that the voice can start to break up and become harder to control. Vocal lessons should help you to gain control at the higher and lower limits of your voice, but your range may not get any bigger just from taking singing lessons.

  • Kids shouldn’t sing rock songs.

    This isn’t true, but kids’ voices do need to be looked after particularly in the 12 – 15 age group when the vocal chords are undergoing a number of physiological changes. Singing lessons for kids need to recognise this, and ensure that children are educated about how their vocal chords work and what can damage them. Singing lessons at Rock Scholars will give you the right song choices in the right keys to get the most from your voice as it develops.

  • The great singers didn’t need singing lessons.

    Lady GaGa, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce and Michael Jackson will all tell you it isn’t so. ‘nuff said.

Bradley Cooper - A Star is Born

Bradley Cooper - A Star is Born

  • Singing lessons don’t work.

    This is the biggest myth of them all. Bradley Cooper wasn’t totally without singing talent, but he took vocal lessons for over a year before he played the part of Jackson Maine in A Star is Born. Bradley did all of his own singing in the movie including on the smash hit Shallow.

Reasons to take singing lessons

  • Learn about your own voice, and what musical styles, keys and range work best for it.

  • Learn how to breathe and develop your vocal chords to make your voice louder and stronger.

  • Learn about pitch, how to hear a note, and how to find it.

  • Learn about music theory and how to read music.

  • Have fun and develop confidence. Have you ever noticed how people who can sing are the life and soul of the party? Singing and making music have so many developmental and therapeutic benefits, we wonder why everyone is taking vocal lessons. 

Will singing lessons turn me into Freddie Mercury?

Well no they won’t, but they will help you to find and develop your voice so that you can use it as an instrument to make music. Freddie Mercury is recognised as much for his flamboyant stage persona and electrifying live performances as he is for his incredible voice, and singing lessons may not give you Freddie’s charisma. But if you want to front a rock band and sing in front of people, the first step in building the self-confidence to do that is believing that you’re good at it. Singing lessons can help you to become good at singing – really, they can – and once you know you’re good at it you’re going to want to make music with other people, form a band, and show everyone what you can do.

Freddie: ‘I want it all, and I want it now….’

Freddie: ‘I want it all, and I want it now….’

Rock Scholars is Perth’s favourite contemporary music school and we specialise in putting kids and teenagers together in a creative, stimulating environment where they can find their voice and make music with other young musicians. We provide singing lessons and one on one tuition in lots of other instruments too. If you’re looking for Perth singing lessons, or singing lessons for kids, please call us today on 0437 806 109 or complete an enquiry form here.