Bass Lessons

If bass is your chosen instrument, or you just want to try it out, Rock Scholars offers bass guitar lessons for kids and teenagers of all abilities.

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Some people think that playing bass is for those of us who aren’t quite good enough to play the guitar - that couldn’t be more wrong. The bass guitar is a critical element of all great pop and rock bands – imagine the Red Hot Chilli Peppers without Flea, or The Who without John Entwistle’s thundering lines. It’s also great fun and very difficult to play well. There aren’t enough bassists around – learn to play bass guitar and you will never have any trouble finding a band to play in.



John Entwistle

John Entwistle

The bass creates the groove and rhythm of a song. It provides depth and warmth to the overall sound, and the bass line will define the song’s structure. It’s the glue that holds the other parts together.

Bass guitar lessons

If you’re looking for Perth bass lessons, Rock Scholars offers individual tuition from our studios in Osborne Park. Focusing on technique and basic music theory, we’ll teach you how to ‘hear’ the bass line in a song and recreate it. We’ll also teach you how to write and play your own bass lines for when you’re composing songs on your own or with your band. Our bass lessons are all taught one on one by your personal bass guitar teacher. We use a song-based approach to our teaching to ensure you are always playing real music, not just practicing scales and exercises.

As with all Rock Scholars music lessons, our hands on teaching method is designed to develop your playing skills as quickly as possible and get you ready to join our band program.

Rock Scholars offers more than just bass lessons, it is a thriving community of young musicians and home to some of Perth's most promising bands. From The Garage to Greatness, the journey starts here!

Bass lessons cost $35 per half hour session.